Flatris | Флетрис - многофункциональная шахматка квартир для застройщиков

Sell apartments
Quickly. Expensive. Effective.

Flatris — system for the promoting and selling apartments for the developer.

You’re in good company

The growth hacking tool in apartments sales.

Use every tool separately or all together for a maximum effect
Interactive catalogue for selecting apartments on the website

Let the buyer select an apartment by most-meaningful parameters for him on the website of your Apartment Complex. Increase the level of interest and sales with visual interface.

Multiple views
  • Selection of the apartment from the General Plan
  • Selection the apartment by filter
Crosstab for
the sales department

Integrate the crosstab with your CRM in order to increase the sales of apartments and build customer loyalty.

Placing on the
real estate portals

Post the information about available apartments on the real estate portals in one click.

of the real estate agencies

Cooperate with partner agencies to increase sales of apartments.

A few more reasons to start working just right now

Quick selection of apartments for a client

Only 7 seconds are needed to find an apartment with the help of Flatris.

24/7 updating of information

Status of the apartment changes in real time, which eliminates the error of double booking.

Unlimited number of users

Connect all the employees and partners to the system - even if there are a few hundreds of them.

Simple and clear system

Even complex Flatris setups may be conducted by regular employees without any programming knowledge.

Accessible from any device

You can use Flatris from your computer, tablet or smartphone - your employees will be able to advise customers even while being at the site.

Flexible Customization

Use any service tools separately or all together - create a system that fits perfectly for all your needs.

Why developers choose Flatris

14 daysof free
access to the service

20 minutesto integrate
the crosstab

Up to 70%budget savings
when creating the Apartment Complex Site

from 31$/monthfor all products