Integration of the real estate agencies

Set up an effective cooperation with the real estate agencies and increase the apartments sales

Flatris will help the real estate agencies to sell your apartments at their maximum potential

Easy access for partners

Set up access to the crosstab for partners and real estate agencies in just 3 minutes. It can be handled even by an employee without any experience of working with the service.

Unlimited number of partners

You are able to add to the crosstab all the partners you are working with. We do not limit their number.

Flexible system of partner settings

Customize partners working system in the most convenient way for you. You are able to grant to the partner asset for a few apartments or all at once.

Monitor the effectiveness of the partners

The system allows you to assess the performance of each partner - you will know exactly which partner you should work with and with which shouldn't.

Easy to work with a large number of partners

It's simple and convenient to work with your partners, even if there are a lot of them. All information from partners is stored and classified automatically.