Privacy policy

The present Privacy Policy ( hereinafter referred to as "Policy") applies to all the personal data which Flatris receives from the user during using Flatris site - (hereinafter referred to as "Website"), using Internet tools, services, taking part in the advertising and marketing campaigns and/or other interactions with Flatris (hereinafter referred to as "Services").

Flatris has no control or responsibility for the third party sites which use Flatris services. Third party sites may have Privacy Policy of their own and user may be requested to share other personal data.

This Policy explains in what way Flatris processes and protects user's personal data.

By using Services and granting to Flatris data required for further interaction, you express your concern to use it with abidance to the present Policy.

For certain Services, Flatris may publish additional provisions to supplement Policy.

Flatris uses analytical tools and third party technologies such as Google Analytics for collecting impersonal data about the users of the Service.

By using Google services, you trust us with your personal information. Google service is used when Authorizing via Google. You can read more about Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use here.

Flatris undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of information of all Website visitors.

1. User's personal data that's received and used by Flatris:

1.1. Within the framework of this Policy "user's personal data" refers to:

1.1.1. Personal data which is provided by the User in the process of registration (creating an account) on the Website or utilization of the Services. Mandatory information for the provision of services is emphasised. Such information includes e-mail, phone number, payment details.

1.1.2. Other data about the user submission of which was determined by Flatris requires for providing certain additional Services.

1.1.3. Information about financial transactions, that have been made between the Parties of the User Agreement.

1.1.4. User's Website statistics: during every Website visit our servers automatically collect data that is received from your browser. Generally this data includes requested web page, computer's IP address, browser type, language settings, date and time of the request, source, length of visit, viewed pages, one or several cookie files which allow to identify your browser.

1.2. Cookies

1.2.1. Flatris uses cookies on the Website.

1.2.2. Flatris can send cookies which are saved in your browser or your computer drive.

1.2.3. Data that was received by Flatris with the help of cookies can be used for managing the Website, improving user experience and for marketing purposes.

1.2.4. Flatris can use this data to recognize your computer when you use the Website and to personalize the Website for you.

1.2.5. Contextial advertising specialists of Flatris may send you cookies as well.

1.2.6. Flatris can use anonymous cookies to receive the non-personal data such as Website activities, date and time of the visit, type of domain. Such data can also be used for retargeting.

1.3. Links: on this Website format of the links allows to monitor whether they're used by Users. This data is used for improving the quality of our advertising.

2. Purposes of the processing users personal data

2.1. Flatris only processes personal data which is required for providing or improving the quality of Services.

2.2. User's personal data may be used for the following purposes:

2.2.1. Identification of the Party within Services.

2.2.2. Providing the User with personilized Services.

2.2.3. Improving the quality of existing Services and developing new ones.

2.2.4. Conducting statistical and other researches based on anonymous data.

2.2.5. Providing user's personal data to the right owners, distributors and resellers of the software to register the software on the name of User or organization, interests of which User represents.

2.2.6. In other marketing purposes of the Service.

2.2.7. Performing functions, powers and duties entrusted to Flatris by legislation.

3. Sharing of user's personal data to third parties:

3.1. Flatris does not provide public access to your personal data and does not disclose your personal information to the third parties, except our service providers such as payment systems (eg., liqpay):

3.1.1. Service providers can have access to your personal data, required for performing their duties. They have no right to disclose or use this information for any other purposes.

3.2. Flatris has a right to provide user's personal data to third parties in the following cases:

3.2.1. User gave his consent for such actions as well as for registration of the software on the name of the User by the right owners, distributors and resellers of the software.

3.2.2. Sharing is required for achieving goals, implementation and performance of the rights, functions, powers and duties entrusted by laws of the country of Company's registration.

3.3. Flatris has a right to publish and share general non-personal information with partners. For example, trends in Service use.

4. Security of the personal data:

4.1. By submitting to Flatris your personal data in the process of registration, you agree with its sharing, processing and storage.

4.2. If you do not want to give your consent to collect, use and disclose your personal data, please, do not submit it to Flatris. If personal data was provided but you want to prohibit its usage, contact Flatris via

4.3. Flatris takes all necessary and sufficiant organizational and technical measures to protect user's personal data from illegal or accident access, destruction, editing, blocking, copying, dissemination and from other unlawful actions with third party's personal data. You acknowledge the impossibility of guaranteeing total security of sharing personal data via Internet.

4.4. Flatris will take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your personal data according to this Policy, as well as removal of outdated and other unreliable or excessive personal data. However, the User is responsible for providing reliable information and its updating in case of any changes.

4.5. Flatris stores all your personal data on secure servers. You are responsible for confidentiality of your password. Flatris does not request Users to share their personal account password.

4.6. By using Google services, you trust us with your personal information. The Google service is used when Authorizing via Google. You can read more about the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the Google service here.

5. Privacy Policy review

5.1. Flatris may review the provisions of the Policy in question periodically and publish updated version on the Website. It is User's responsibility to review this page regularly in order to learn about changes.